Chairman’s Message

Our way forward is on the path of building India’s chemical security while supporting worldwide industries with appropriate diversification of our products and applications.

Founded in 1970s, with a vision to support the country’s drive towards self-sufficiency and import substitution, Deepak Nitrite has come a long way in building India’s chemical security. Over the years, the company has witnessed a vast transformation – from a local, low value bulk chemicals and intermediates manufacturer to a global, high value fine and specialty chemicals supplier – attained through a combination of core expertise and inherent strengths.

Deepak Nitrite’s focus on quality, sustainable manufacturing processes, adherence to global best practices as well as the due importance given to health, safety and environment, has made it an undisputed market leader in several products like Sodium Nitrite, Sodium Nitrate and Nitro Toluenes. Deepak Nitrite has also carved a niche as the only fully integrated manufacturer of Optical Brightening Agents globally.

With innovation at the heart of its business ethos, the company has developed a strong base of R&D capabilities to deliver responsible growth. Aligning to customer preferences, the company is in the process of expanding capacities of some of its existing products in order to cater to growing demand. Its product selection, customer and supplier relationships and process development cells provide a solid foundation for strong growth.

A strong employee base has been a key driver of the company’s growth trajectory and will remain an integral part of its progress. The focus on delivering operational and financial performance is linked to the company’s culture of efficiencies imbibed across the organisational fabric.

As a proactive and agile entity that is continuously evolving to meet the strategic demands of the business, the industry, the society and the environment, the company is striving towards building a sustainable future. In over 46 years of its existence in the Indian Capital Markets, the company has created significant wealth for all its stakeholders. And it’s heartening that the investors consider the company a safe bet, in an otherwise volatile market, despite its strong ambition and growth plan.

To unlock newer opportunities and drive sustained growth, Deepak Nitrite Limited has also embarked upon ambitious project, which will cater to Phenol and Acetone demand, a larger portion of which was imported until now. The company aims to provide 65% of India’s demand for Phenol and Acetone. At full capacity, the supply will save the nation USD400 million that would otherwise be spent on imports each year. The fact that this will be achieved at the largest, state-of-the-art, most efficient, IOT-enabled, integrated Phenol and Acetone plant with the lowest thermal footprint in the country, is remarkable.

Of importance in today’s scenario and a reason for immense pride for the company is the fact that the company is a signatory of the worldwide Responsible Care Initiative and adheres to the most stringent environmental norms. Besides Responsible Care, it is also part of the Nicer Globe and Together for Sustainability initiatives that make it a partner of choice for discerning international chemical companies.

Deepak C. Mehta
Chairman & Managing Director