DeepWhite 4BB conc T

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“DeepWhite 4BB conc is a Stilbene based Di sulfonic powder. 4BB conc has very high affinity towards substrate (fabric in our case), and also better solubility against products of similar grade It can be used in production of detergents by all methods. The appearance of the product is green and it is spin flash dried product in powder form. This product absorbs UV and emit blue light to compensate the inherent yellow cast of textile substrates and produce brilliant neutral whites. The Recommended dosage is: 0.2% – 0.80%”

Grades Usage Packing CAS Reg. No.
Di sulfo 4BB conc T is used in manufacturing of laundry care products; mainly for detergent cakes and liquid detergents 25 kg HDPE bag 12224-06-5